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But not really active here. I don't know how often people read this LJ, but I have MOVED to tumblr, for quite some time now.
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So, it's been a little more then a week since I came back from my first year of college. I have to say, it was a pretty good year. I've met new people, made new friends, and gained a bit more experience out of life. I've gotten good grades, all in the A-B range. I'm happy about school, for the most part.

I've mostly been spending time with the family, the last week and so. My sister Sui came back from Philly, since she has a week before classes started for her. It was mostly shopping, visiting relatives, and just hanging out at home. It was nice to have most of the family home again. She left on Thursday to return to Philly.

I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing that she left the day before Benji died. Benji's the dog that she got last year from a friend. He was a white poodle and chihuahua mixed dog. From what I was told, Benji was hit by a car down on 14th Street, and the driver just drove away. He was still breathing after he was hit, but he was vomiting blood and all. My sister Lynda and Nathan, her fiance/long time boyfriend was there and brought him to the vet. Benji couldn't be saved, so he had to be put down.

I heard about this from my brother Tac, and at first, I thought he was joking. He always joked about stuff like that. I didn't believed him, so I called Lynda. Even though I heard her cracked voice, it took awhile for it to sink in for me. All I could think about was that he was just a little over a year old. He was finally starting to be obedient, maturing.

Bott my sisters are still upset about it. I've been avoiding going downstairs to her house. She's always so teary-eyed when I see her, and she keeps saying "No more Gee Jai('Piggy' was Benji's chinese name)" and downstairs is just full of Benji's dog stuff. I nearly teared up when I saw his collar.

There was talk about what we were gonna do with him. My sisters wanted to cremate him. Everyone was fine with that, but Lynda wanted him cremated privately, so we could have his ashes. My parents had a different take on it, though. They liked Benji,(Mom, anyways), but was never really that attached to him. 'It's just a dog', they would say. 'Why waste money to cremate him when you could use that for another dog'. 'It's no use to bring his ashes home. It'll be pointless to bury him in the empty lot we have, since we've planning on building a house there later on'.

It was decided yesterday that we'll just bring him home as is. It'll be a good way to let Bobo, our older dog, to know what happened to his sort-of brother.

I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about it at the moment. I've cried a bit, and my thoughts linger about it. And I dreamt that Benji came back in my dreams last night.

I miss that stupid pig.
R.I.P. 06.19.09

The San Francisco Oil Spill and ESA stuff

Today was a field trip day for my AP Environmental Science class, and we went to another trip to the Marine Mammal Center up in the Marin Headlands to continue our studies on marine life and it's ecosystem. The plan was to go to the Rodeo beach near there to go look for sand crabs, an indicator species, kinda like the canary in the mines, except it's for the ocean.

When we got there, it reeked of the smell of oil. We saw a citizen trying to help a bird covered in oil. It was such a sad sight. A few news people were there, taking videos of the current situation, and the oil in the waves and on the beach was such a horrible sight. You could see the dead birds on the shore. Doreen of the Marine Mammal center came, and told us of our change of plans, as the beach was closed due to the unknown toxiins of the oil.

She told us that the citizens that helped were great, but they weren't trained for stuff like that, since the citizen wasn't wearing gloves and her arms and legs had oil on them, and that she was using Joy dish washing soap and olive oil to get the other oil off of the bird. Dawn's soap actually works better and faster to get the oil off for something like this, and the lady didn't wipe her limbs from the oil till after a while.

After an officer told us we had to leave for them to use the area to save the birds, Doreen told us about all the affects of oil spills. That the oil covering the birds and other marine life, like the otters, have short term affects and long term affects. When otters and birds are covered in oil, the oil seeps into their fur/feathers, and those are what keeps them warm. It is hard to get the oil off them, imagine someone washing your hair 50 times to get it clean. It'll be different afterwards, and it won't have the same purpose for the animals as well it was before. They also discovered that sea otters that were affected years ago by other oil spills had their reproductive systems messed up; when they had their offspring, they had all these issues with their body.

The oil on the beaches are a bad thing too, since if critters like the sand crabs get affected, it'll affect the food chain, and all the way up to us. It's a pretty good thing that it's November, when salmons are done breeding int he area, and the sand crabs are very scarce during this time. The weird thing was that there weren't that many ships with booms, and the only one we saw had a pretty short one.

Oh, Doreen also told us we can kinda help by reducing energy, as energy = need for fuel = oil. Buy local stuff more than stuff from other places, because of the transportations and walk more, it's good for you and it uses no oil.

We continued our hike and study some on the harbor seals, and how they weren't affected as much since they had blubber to keep them warm. We passed by this lagoon, were a family of river otters lived and learned of to survive without much fish in the area: instead they learned our to drown and eat birds, most pelicans. It was kinda cool to hear and see the remains of the birds the otters left.

Well, KTVU 2 news got the backshot of the class and had talked to Mr. Jordan about the oil spill and it was on the news. :o Jackie also was interviewed too, but hers was on the KTVU site instead.

hm...it was a pretty good day, but the oil spill.. ;_____;


...the backstreet boys are back?!

my textbook saved me! :D

So, today was like any other day...
after school I waited on the corner of AMPM to wait for one of my brothers to pick me up. There were a lot of people there apparently waiting for their ride too.
While I was waiting, there was a group of three African Americans that came out of AMPM and were talking about their matter out loud. They were two girls and a guy, one of the girls had on a black jacket with a silver diamonds print on it, the other girl a black hoodie that had "2400 OREO" on the lower back of it. The guy had on a large black hoodie, even though he was kind of tiny.
I had my cell phone out and was putting it in my pants pocket when they were coming over and was standing near me. The guy was eyeing my phone.
So, they were just standing there like everyone else that was there. They loud and I overheard them talking about, what I thought a friend of theirs, that was buying something in AMPM, and how they were saying she's going to buy a lot of stuff in there. The guy was saying how she gets a lot of money from her parents by saying 'I lost my ipod' to them every week. Then they were talking about how she's getting around $200 a week. They switched to talking about ipods and how they could sell some for $50 each.
An old classmate of mine, Cindy Ke was walking by and had what looked like a pouch for a digital camera in one hand and was walking by herself. The guy was talking about if it is one or not and say how she's walking by herself and was near the corner, then they saw Conny, my friend.
Conny had just walked out of AMPM with a drink in her hands, along with her binder and books, and she was listening to her ipod, with the wire hanging out and the ipod itself on the pocket of her jacket. She was calling, her family to pick her up, I guess, on her phone while she was standing there on the sidewalk.
The (fat) girl with the "2400 OREO" on her back and the guy walked over to her. The girl said something to Conny, and Oreo, (let's call the fat girl that), used her hand to trace Conny's wire to where the ipod was and started taking it. When Conny started to react and tired to take the ipod back, the ipod dropped, and Conny tired to step on the ipod so that Oreo wouldn't get it, and, I guess, Oreo pushed Conny to the ground and grabbed it while the guy held Conny back. Oreo was running away.
And straight towards my direction. So I did what I was thinking: stop her.
I grabbed onto her sweater with my right hand and said "give it back” and that b*tch started punching me in the face. After a couple of hits, I used my math book that was in my left hand and blocked my face with it, and she was still punching me. I didn’t think of anything but Stop her! and Don't let go! Instead of fighting back or hurting her. That was stupid.
Then came Johnny. :]
he had saw Oreo beating on me, and pulled her away from me, and told her to drop the ipod and give it back. Oreo started to punch Johnny and he was fighting back. I couldn’t really see what was happening, since my glasses fell when I was being hit.
Conny had came over to me to see if I was alright, and we saw that Johnny and Oreo was still fighting and they had knocked down the trash can in the corner. The police had came and Oreo had passed the ipod to the guy she was with, and he tossed the ipod into the trash can to hide it. Johnny saw this and went over to grab it when they were ducking from the police. The police didn’t get to catch them yet, but had brought Conny to the police station to ask her what happened. Johnny came over to me and asked me if I was ok along with some other people I know that were there; I started to cry a little. People like that pissed me off. A nice lady came over to me and asked too, and gave me some tissues to wipe the blood on my face caused by my glasses being scrapped down my face.
Johnny walked me to the front of the school and on the way there, we saw down the hill that those guys were in the corner going through the trash to look for the ipod. At least they didn’t get what they were aiming for. Some people on the hill by the bus stop saw part of what happened too. On the way to the front of the school, I called my brother to pick me up there and I waited for him near the pool area, where the swim team was practicing and people I knew where there. There was some talking and then my brother came.
Johnny called later and told me that he, Conny, and I will go to Mrs. Chamber's office to pick out the people there tomorrow morning, and that the other girl that was connected to Oreo and the guy was arrested. He also said that Conny got her ipod back from him.
ok, so my cousin laila is getting married tmw. what i forgot was that the one's that getting married are having a party the night before the wedding. so here i am at my cousin floyd's room on his computer. and my other cousins; cynthia, judy and floyd are playing cards. i kinda feel uncomfortable now so i better hurry up and type this: i feel misplaced here. they were always leaving me out of everything and when i finally told them so, there seems to be a gap between each of us. maybe it's just me but i feel like i'm too much of a loner. eep. gtg. they're starting to look over to the moniter.
well, havent posted here in a while (._.
this week so far has just been fun and eventful :D

15th BiRTHDAY! :D lots of "happy birthday julie!"s and suprisingly, no punches or pinches! :O
when i went to first period, i heard a loud, and i mean loud, HAPPY BiRTHDAY!! from Patrick XD and the other people in the class was asking who's birthday was it. XD i got Kamichama Karin volume 1 from Nerissa :D
2nd period was blah, and mrs. garcia cried in class o.O she was talking about how she's so happy with her life, she started out by saying she spent her weekend with her girlfriends and how their life was so successful and she started crying, saying she was so happy that we're her students and that it was destiny that we're her students. o.O all in all, that period was always just plain weird.
during passing period, Melissa gave me balloons! all pooh bears XD, and a card. went to my locker and saw janice going through her locker, and she said happy birthday and gave me a 1000 piece naruto! team 7 puzzle :DDDD if only i dont have to put it together...>.>;
walked into my 3rd period class and was glomped by Christina with a 'happy bithday julie!' when class started Nick and Charles said happy birthday and they both have me a quarter XD
during passing period got hugs from friends passing my classroom while going to class. :D
4th period was with the same people as thrid so, not much after that.
lunch was kinda funny, when i entered my pin number for my lunch and was waiting for Nerissa, the guy in charge of the pin number thingy said "it's your birthday?" which i replied with a "yes", and "15th" when he asked which. he said i look like a ten-year old. o_O
went out to the courtyard and eat. random people can over and said happy birthday and hugged me. o.o
friends started writing stuff on the balloons melissa gave me XD
5th period a freshmen came up to me and said "is it really your birthday?' when i saidyea, she handed me a dollar. o.O gave it back saying it was okay and i heard her saying "omg! that was the first time a person gave me my money back on their birthday!" ._. < ...)

- gotta stop typing here now, will finish this later, mom's telling me to get ready to go to SF
fucking people cant DRIVE or STOP

freaking blind assholes.

contest entry..

hehe...just in time! ^^; my muse came back at the last minute..so here's my entry!

Type: Fanart
Title: True Strength
Medium: paper,pencil,pen,color pencils, and my trusty eraser ^^

True Strength..Collapse )